Trendspotter’s Guide

Creating a trendspotter’s guide is difficult because it requires knowledge of the current technological situation and foresight into the future, and with technology, that is a lot to ask. Developments occur every day, which makes the field so captivating.

One source to look for in the future is online streaming. With streaming, users can customize their viewing experience. I think this source has a promising future that companies with capitalize on. One possibility is for companies to tap into each viewer’s preferences and sell this information to production companies, so they could target specific users in crowd sourcing movie campaigns. This is a very specific example of how online streaming can promote profitability beyond the subscription fee that the provider requires.

Another source to watch for new developments quite frankly is Google. In a way, Google seems to be taking over the world. From Google Glass to Google Fiber, Google has influence in a variety of aspects in the technology industry. Google was even in the news recently for almost purchasing Tesla, a big automobile corporation, and they already have the Google Self-Driving Car. Google has endless resources and forward-thinking employees, so it will be interesting to see what they do next. Will this monopoly get confronted eventually for having such a widespread presence?

One final source in the future for readers to look out for is social media. Social media is already so expansive, but users love the features and real-time communication aspects. This area has major potential for profitability and exposure. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have all succeeded, but there will be more sites with more advanced components that attract users and gain a following.

Trends are fascinating to watch develop and monitor over time. The smallest things can expand into something big and lasting. It’s hard to say where society is headed with technology since it has evolved so quickly in a short amount of time. Regardless, there will be a variety to trends to be on the lookout for and take part in.

If you have extra time and want to check out the Top Tech Trends of 2015 according to Avnet, Inc, watch their YouTube video.


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