Social Media and Blogging: The Proliferation of Ideas

Now more than ever, information is being transmitted and received in incredible time. Even third world countries, which are known to be behind in the economic and social aspects, have access to information. In fact, social media and blogging are enabling third world countries to set and maintain their own cultural agenda instead of just following that of the traditional western ideals (Sabir, 2013). Regardless of how poor the living conditions are, or how intolerable local government is, the internet is everywhere, which is informing many people of national issues and allowing them to form their own opinions. The proliferation of ideas is definitely evident in today’s society, as social media and blogging also promote long distance education and work opportunities. A mother of two whom works the night shift in town now has the opportunity to enroll in online classes in order to better her education and the future for not only her, but her two children as well. As mentioned in the Journal of Marketing Education, blogging is an innovative tool for classes to use in order to refine their skills. In this particular case, marketing students maintain topical blogs in order to gain experience and exercise skills needed for the field (Kaplan, Piskin, & Bol, 2013). All of that being said, I would say that Cairncross correctly predicted that the proliferation of ideas would be major trend, specifically in terms of social media and blogging.

I believe a big trend that Cairncross didn’t identify but goes well with both social media and blogging is the potential for profit. Social media is a great source of marketing and driving sales for companies. Specifically, users can now simply click the “buy” button by a post or tweet and in two clicks have the item purchased (Holmes, 2014). This type of money driven site is extremely beneficial for companies and convenient for users. Another trend within the two genres is the rise of video correspondence (Woener, 2015). Years ago, capturing video and sending it over a medium in seconds would have been considered far-fetch. Now, there’s dozens of apps, including Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat that rely on video capabilities in order to have a following. This isn’t just seen in social media. Many blogs rely on video tutorials and diaries to connect with readers on a more personal note. Overall, social media and blogging are keen in spreading information and ideas around the world. There is certainly untapped potential with these genres that will be interesting to see develop.

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