Blogging and the Death of Distance

Like social media, blogging is a critical tool that is utilized in order to bring about the death of distance. Blogs connect people from all walks of life, from single parents documenting their daily trials and tribulations, to successful entrepreneurs sharing the secrets of their success. Blogging has no rules. You can essentially write about anything, which is why it has such a wide following across the world.  Blogging has become one of the most popular networking tools (Thevenot, 2007). It allows people to connect with others with similar interest, regardless of the geographical differences. Whether it is about important legal matters, or simple food reviews, blogs have an incredible impact. One of the many benefits of blogs is that they facilitate exploration and modelling of online communication issues, in addition to promoting collaboration (Weaver, 2010). This type of exploration is exactly what makes blogs appealing to such a broad audience.

When something important happens, either personally or publically, people typically like to share their opinions on the matter. Bloggers with similar opinions, regardless of location, can unite and form a team of sorts. People with dissenting opinions can be exposed to a different argument other than their own, and even if they do not agree with it, at least they are growing and familiarizing themselves with society. One of the important features of blogging is the sense of community that it creates. Blogs are linked with one another and with readers, so reading a single blog is all a part of a larger experience. Many bloggers comment on each other’s posts, which creates a network of cross-references among blogs (Goldstein, 2009). The connected network of blogs is what drives the passion of bloggers to continue writing and connect with others that, while they may experience life in a different culture, have an interest in expanding their knowledge.

Individuals are not the only ones that can take advantage of the reach of blogs. Many companies, both small and large utilize the potential of blogging by sponsoring one of their own. Blogs are quickly becoming a place for companies to interact with their target market and gain followers (Hall, 2010). This allows people in America to learn about an up and coming company situated in England that could be of benefit to them. Regardless of if it is for personal or professional use, blogs can link people from all over the world, ridding geographical barriers inferior to the internet.

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